Welcome to the rightsstatements.org blog! We will use this blog to share information about the development of rightsstatements.org and about the resources that can help you implementing our rights statements.

We’re happy to start with the great news that the official translations of all 12 statements into German and Estonian are now published and available for everyone to use.

We’d like to thank Ellen Euler and Ilja Braun for being the first volunteer and working with us to develop the German translation, and Vahur Pruik and Tanel Pern for their work delivering the Estonian translation. We would also like to thank everyone else who contributed to these translations via the public review or otherwise.

Using the translated version of the statements don’t require any extra work. If your browser language is set to German or Estonian, you will automatically see the statements in your chosen language. Alternatively you can browse the German and Estonian pages.

Upcoming translations

We currently have Portuguese, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Finland Swedish and Polish translations of the statements underway. All official translations are undertaken by volunteers following our translations policy. Once an application has progressed through the quality control steps laid out in the policy, the translations are published on rightsstatements.org. If you are interested in providing an official translation, please contact us at info@rightsstatements.org.